Space radiation simulation and analysis on 3D models, all in one software compatible with Linux-based systems.

Generic 3D Format Support

MRADSIM Space supports the use of the widely used STEP file format for 3D solid model. It provides generic support by reading STEP format files.

Easy User-Friendly Interface

With the user-friendly interface of MRADSIM Space, you can make complex analysis quite easily.

Advanced Analysis

MRADSIM Space, Reverse Monte Carlo based includes dose calculation, total energy deposition, LET analysis, Path Length analysis, Charging, 3D dose mapping, fluence etc.


Satellite Radiation Analysis

MRADSIM Space supports the widely use of STEP file format for 3D solid model.

Radiation Shielding

You can detect weak points of electronic components against radiation and make improvements for shielding.

Radiation adverse effects can damage important electronic devices in space.

Using data from many space-based studies in the scientific world, unpredicted issues can be discovered in advance by simulating the harsh space environment.

Why radiation analysis?

MRADSIM Space Capabilities

Total Energy Deposition

Dose Calculation

3D Data Mapping


Path Lenght Analysis

Voxel Visualization


Most frequent questıons and answers

Currently, the universally accepted STEP format is supported.
There is a database of more than one hundred predefined materials in MRADSIM Space. However, if these are insufficient, you can expand the database by making special definitions.
MRADSIM-Space is currently developed for Linux Ubuntu 20 operating systems. It can be easily installed on machines using this OS with the help of a simple installer. A Docker container is also available to be used on every Linux and Windows based machines (requires a Docker-CLI or Docker-Desktop installation). The application is licensed with the help of a third party software, which requires to be installed separately. Please contact us for more details.
MRADSIM Space has an annual license fee, if you are interested, please contact us.

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